Matheson Reading Room

The reading room features large tables and soft couches for a comfortable and quiet study space. Ethernet access is available for Emory students, staff and faculty via cable ports in the desk lamps or wireless throughout the room. Restrooms are located next to the newspaper room.

The reading room is Woodruff library's holding space for its current periodicals.  Journals and magazines are shelved in alphabetical order by title, starting to the right of the service desk and continuing clockwise around the room.

Newspapers are shelved  alphabetically in the newspaper room, located to the left as you enter the reading room from the Woodruff Library bridge.

In most cases, the library keeps approximately the most recent year’s worth of journal or magazine issues in the reading room. Older issues may be bound and shelved by call number in the stacks, replaced by microfilm, or kept in the storage library. Newspapers are usually kept for approximately 3 months, until replaced by microfilm.