Find Films and Videos

Find DVDs to check out overnight: See the DVD-LEND guide

All library materials are represented in the DiscoverE online catalog, including films and videos in all formats (DVD, VHS, LaserDisc, 16mm, etc.) The following tips may help:

On the entry screen to DiscoverE:

  • Title search - use for any film. Search the whole title or any word(s) in the title.
  • Author search - use for any personal name associated with the film, including actors and directors.
  • Subject search - may be used for documentary films.
  • Search Everything/Words or Phrase - especially useful for broader searches and for terms not indexed as titles, authors, or subjects (for example, "DISNEY").
  • Use Refine Search Results options on results page to restrict results to videos and other visual materials.

HINT: If your search is unsuccessful, try paring it down to just one or two significant words, as the exact title or spelling may vary from what you expect. If you get too many hits this way, try using Search Limits.

HINT: When searching for foreign language titles, be sure to leave off the initial article. For example, if you search for the 1954 Fellini film La Strada using the phrase "LA STRADA," it won't pull up any copies. Search under "STRADA" instead. This potentially confusing problem is because of the way EUCLID indexes titles.

From the entry screen in DiscoverE, click on the ADVANCED SEARCH link on the right-hand side.

In the CATALOG tab:

  • For films in any format (VHS, DVD, etc.), use Material Type: VIDEO.
  • To restrict your search to specific video formats, search for title, and then Refine Search Results by Resource Type.
  • To find only items in Heilbrun, Woodruff, and Chemistry Libraries, search for title, and then Refine Search Results by Library.
  • To find videos containing a specific language, search for title, and then Refine Search Results by Language. (Note that you may retrieve some DVDs that have an optional, added sound track in your specified language, which is not part of the original film.)

HINT: When using search limits you may miss items in DiscoverE which are IN-PROCESS (not yet cataloged). These items are all classified as item-type BOOK until they are cataloged.

Browsing the Video and Film Collections Online (Call Number Browse)

Browsing allows you to look at catalog records according to the media format, since each format has its own call-number sequence. You may look at all the titles or select a number near the end of the sequence to view recent additions.

On a "Search EUCLID" screen, select BROWSE SHELVES (yellow button at far right).

Fill in the CALL NUMBER box with the number you want to start with. Examples below are for the first item. Format the call number exactly as shown below: observe punctuation and spacing.

  • For VHS tapes: V.CASS. VHS 1 (over 9000 titles held)
  • For DVDs: DVD 1 (over 6000 titles held)
  • For videodiscs (12-inch): V.DISC 1 (over 2300 titles held)
  • For 3/4 in. videotapes: V.CASS. 1 (over 200 titles held)
  • For 16-mm. films: MP-16MM 1 (over 500 titles held)

Leave the LIBRARY box set to GENERAL.


Click on the gray BROWSE SHELVES button at lower left.

When you have scrolled to the bottom of the first page, use the oval FORWARD button to advance through the list.