Digitization Program

The digitization program at Emory digitizes texts, manuscripts, photographic materials, flat art and AV materials to make them more usable and accessible to scholars at Emory University and the world at large, and for preservation purposes. We also curate the resources we digitally archive to ensure that they remain usable for future scholars. Our current policies for the development, preservation, dissemination and retention of our digital collections, in support of the Digital Library Program, are here. The proposal process, policy development, and development of a robust digital collection are handled and managed by a Steering Committee and a Collection Development Committe, and is in support of the overarching digital library program at Emory.

For further information on proposed and completed collections, check out the Emory Digitization homepage and the FAQs tab here. The digitization program uses several methods for digitization, including a scanner produced by Kirtas Technologies which allows for rapid automated digitization, AV reformatting technology, and large format scanners.

Digitization Guides

Digitization and Digital Curation Team

General Contact:  digitization-l@listserv.emory.edu (reaches the entire team)

Digitization Selection Committee

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