Project Overview

On-going Initiative/Move to E-Only

This is the sixth year of an on-going initiative to migrate to e-only format journals that we currently purchase in print and online. Scroll down for lists (spreadsheets) of affected titles.  This migration effort developed out of several concerns the Emory libraries face:

  • the crisis faced in providing space/housing print collections;
  • the high cost of maintaining print subscriptions (from processing to the amortization of a library building);
  • the preference of users (especially in the sciences and many of the social sciences) for eJournals over print.

In 2012, we are considering a wide array of titles for which we are still retaining a print subscription.

Faculty and librarians have both reviewed lists to determine which titles we should maintain in print.  A libguide has been created to reivew the process and procedures.

In 2011, we are focusing upon the following publishers:

American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Society of Microbiology
ElsevierS Karger AG

 SCROLL to the bottom of the page for a list of our recommendations for e-only journal access.

See the spreadsheet below for the specific titles.  Note that the tabs on each spreadsheet correspond to different subject areas.

Comments on the Moving Beyond Paper initiative and our decisions are welcome at all times.  Please make specific comments or recommendations for the 2011 installment of Moving Beyond Paper by April 1.

In 2010, we are focusing upon the following publishers:

Allerton Press

Guilford Publications
Royal Society of Chemistry
American Physical Society
Wiley-Blackwell (review)
Various other medical science publishers

A Systematic Review

Emory librarians completed a systematic review of approximately 480 journals offered by these publishers to determine the appropriate format for these titles. A spreadsheet with these titles and decisions for e-only is attached below. Print copies of these journals will no longer be received beginning January 2011.

Before we consider a title for e-only format, several conditions must be met, ranging from assurances that the content online meets or exceeds that in print, to archival rights which grant perpetual access to the volumes/years subscribed. In making recommendations library staff also have taken into consideration the usage of the journal or book (both in print and electronic formats) and the usability of the content.

In 2009, titles from the following publishers were considered for e-only:

  • American Geophysical Union
    Cambridge University Press
    Oxford University Press
    Taylor & Francis
    University of Chicago Press.

In 2008, titles from the following publishers were considered for e-only:

  • Nature
    Project Muse
    Springer eBook Series

In 2007, titles from the following publishers were considered for e-only:

  • BioOne

In 2006, titles from the following publishers were considered for e-only:

  • Elsevier
    Springer (incorporating Kluwer)
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