Tips for Accessing Library Resources

Avoid Multiple Logins

  • Only one login is required for each browser session.
  • If on a single user computer, consider leaving the browser window open.
  • If on a single user computer running Google Chrome, change settings “On Startup” to “continue where you left off.” Browser will then authenticate across multiple browser sessions. Other browsers will require you to authenticate each time.

Install LibX for Chrome

  • To Install LibX, go to
  • Once it is installed, there should be a little blue Emory shield in your browser toolbar.
  • If you are at a publisher’s website where it is asking you to rent/pay for an article, you can click on the Emory shield, click on Proxies, and click on “Reload page with the proxy.”
  • You can also just right-click on a page and select “Reload page via EXProxy” in the drop down menu.

Access Emory Resources through Google Scholar

  • Set your preferences on
    • Click the three-line icon next to the Google Scholar logo
    • Choose "Settings" then "Library Links"
    • Search Emory in the search box and select it.
  • Run your first search, and then select the Full Text @ Emory designation next to an article of interest.
  • Next select the Full Text option from the SFX menu.
  • Select Get authorization and login using your Emory Network ID and Password. If you keep using the same browser for your search session, your subsequent searches in Google Scholar will not require additional logins during the same browser session. (If you have trouble accessing full-text articles, check to make sure that your browser is accepting cookies.)

Access a Full Text Journal using the new eJournals web page:

  • Visit or bookmark to view Emory journal holdings.
  • Type Journal title name or title keywords into search bar.
  • Select if title “Contains” or “Starts with” keywords, as appropriate.
  • After selecting the desired journal title, click “Go” for the desired coverage years.
  • For best results, do not use journal acronyms or abbreviations.

Bookmark a Journal or Database of Interest

View Article Links from a Journal Table of Contents or other email

  • Follow instructions above to open desired journal/database in default browser.
  • Authenticate with Emory NetID and Password.
  • Leaving the browser open, return to email.
  • Links will now open through proxy URL in the open browser window.

For further assistance, please contact, Ask a Librarian, your subject librarian, or the library reference desk at your preferred library.