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  1. Past Masters

    Full-text electronic editions of classic western philosophical, theological and literary authors, from ancient times to the early twentieth century and including personal writings as well as major works.

    All texts available in English translation. Some texts also available in Latin, French, or German.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Classics, English and American Literature, Multidisciplinary Databases, Philosophy, Religion

  2. Patrologiae Graecae

    The Patrologiae Graecae is a collection of the Greek writings from the Christian Church from its beginnings through the Council of Florence in 1439. The Patrologiae Graecae Database contains over 160 volumes and represents a complete electronic version of the first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologiae Graecae (1857-1866).

    The collection includes both the Eastern "Fathers" and those Western Christians who wrote before the Latin takeover of the West in the third century.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Classics, History Middle Ages 400-1450, Religion

  3. Perdita Manuscripts: Women Writers, 1500-1700

    This resource is produced in association with the Perdita Project based at the University of Warwick and Nottingham Trent University. Perdita means "lost woman" and the purpose of the project has been to find early modern women authors who were "lost" because their writing exists only in manuscript form.

    Over 230 entries have been selected and digitized. In addition to the digital facsimiles, the site includes biographical and bibliographical information and essays by specialists in the field.

    • Coverage: 1500-1700

    Subjects: Archives and Primary Sources, Art and Architecture, English and American Literature, History Early Modern 1450-1800, Philosophy, Religion, Theater Studies, Womens and Gender Studies

  4. POIESIS (Philosophy Online)

    Philosophy Online (also known as POIESIS) contains full-text journals and conference proceedings in philosophy, theology, and ethics. Use the Search box to search the journals included.

    Search results find every paragraph containing the search term and search results are restricted to only the paragraphs containing the search terms. Conducting one search brings up the Advanced Search screen, with options for limiting by date, author, journal, and type of resource. You can use search within a particular publication or to search across all subscribed titles.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Date varies by journal: Ranges from 1948-present

    Subjects: Philosophy, Religion

  5. Project Muse

    Provides access to scholarly journals published by major university presses. Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, and many others.

    • Coverage: Varies

    Subjects: Anthropology, Area Studies, Art and Architecture, Classics, Comparative Literature, Economics, English and American Literature, Film and Media Studies, French Literature and Language, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Middle Ages 400-1450, History Modern 1800-, History US, History World, LGBT Studies, Library and Information Science, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Spanish, Statistics and Demography, Theater Studies, Womens and Gender Studies

  6. ProQuest Ebook Central

    From a single interface, researchers can access over 810,000 ebooks and 1,350 imprints from more than 650 publishers. On average, 100,000 newly published titles are added each year from leading publishers to help libraries build dynamic collections that meet the unique needs of their community of researchers.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Art and Architecture, Biological Sciences, Business, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Education, English and American Literature, Environmental Sciences, Health, History Ancient -400, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Middle Ages 400-1450, History Modern 1800-, History US, History World, Law, Library and Information Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Nursing, Multidisciplinary Databases, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Science and Technology, Sociology, Middle East Studies