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  1. Georgia Attorney General's Office

    Georgia Attorney General's Office maintains a web site of information on its staff, history, mission, organization, etc. Also provided is the ability to search the opinions of the Attorney General (1994-1997).

    For help using this resource, contact Chris Palazzolo, Political Science and International Documents Librarian.

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Law

  2. Georgia Census Data Map

    Quick statistical facts about the state and all Georgia counties.

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Statistics and Demography

  3. Georgia Code

    The unannotated Georgia Code on the Georgia General Assembly's web site is updated through the 2005 extraordinary session. The unannotated Georgia Code, consisting only of Code text and numbering, is in the public domain and may be copied from the web site at the reader's expense and effort without need for permission.

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Law, Multidisciplinary Databases

  4. Georgia General Assembly

    Georgia Legislative Services provides access to both Georgia House and Senate bills. The database is searchable by keyword, bill number, code section, authors, co-signers, and committee sponsors.

    Also provided are the governor's budget and committee meeting schedules.

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Multidisciplinary Databases

  5. Georgia Government Publications

    Georgia Government Publications contains scanned images of public documents of departments or agencies within the Georgia state government. Coverage encompasses audit reports, budget documents, monographs, newsletters, periodicals and serials from agencies including agriculture, arts, community affairs, courts, education, human resources, industry and trade, labor, legislature, natural resources and recreation.

    • Coverage: 1994 to present

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Multidisciplinary Databases

  6. Georgia Historic Books

    The Georgia Historic Books database contains full-text, fully searchable books related to Georgia's history and culture. Most are from the 19th to early 20th century and focus on Georgia history, biography, and literature.

    The database will contain approximately 300 selected books when complete. These have been selected using bibliographies on Georgia history and in consultation with historians, librarians, and other experts on the literature and history of Georgia. The focus of the selection favors history, biography, and literature, but other subject areas related to Georgia are also included. The books may deal with Georgia history as a subject, or they may have been important for the cultural and intellectual development of the state.

    In the database, to see a list of all books currently available, choose the option for "Browse by Title, Author, or Date."

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Archives and Primary Sources, English and American Literature, Georgia, History US

  7. Georgia Historic Newspapers

    Currently includes these newspapers: The Cherokee Phoenix, Colored Tribune, and The Dublin Post. Other papers will be added when available.

    Coverage varies from paper to paper.

    • Coverage: 1750-1925

    Subjects: African American Studies, Archives and Primary Sources, Ethnic Studies, Georgia, History US, News Sources

  8. Georgia Legislative Documents

    The Georgia Legislative Documents provide access to three legislative resources: Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, and Journal of the Senate of the State of Georgia.

    The Acts are the actual text of the laws and resolutions as they were voted upon by the General Assembly. The Journals outline the passage of bills and resolutions through each chamber of the General Assembly.

    • Coverage: Varies

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information, Multidisciplinary Databases

  9. Georgia Reference Shelf

    An online collection of ready reference materials pertaining to the state of Georgia, and particularly to its history and culture.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Georgia, Reference Sources

  10. is the online connection to the State of Georgia. It provides to access information on the many services and programs available in Georgia. In additional to legislative and government agency information, there are links to resources for travel information about the state, local and regional government, and the governor's office.

    Subjects: Georgia, Government Information