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  1. Handbooks in Economics Series

    The handbooks cover a broad set of economics topics. Each chapter provides professional researchers, lecturers and students with accurate, self-contained surveys, written and edited by the leading authorities in their field.

    Titles are usually updated every few years.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Varies

    Subjects: Economics

  2. Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition

    Standard source for quantitative indicators of American history. Searchable annual time series, adding thirty years of data since the last edition, including information from the 2000 U.S.

    Census. Data can be downloaded in Excel or CSV, printed, or graphed.

    For help using this resource, contact Chris Palazzolo, Political Science and International Documents Librarian.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Colonial times to 2005

    Subjects: Economics, Government Information, History US, Statistics and Demography

  3. House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP)

    Full-text digital copies of British Parliamentary publications including Hansard, official parliamentary debates, and the British sessional papers, the working papers of government.

    Extremely important primary sources for British, European, U.S. and world history.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 18th-19th century

    Subjects: African American Studies, African Studies Sub-Saharan, Archives and Primary Sources, Area Studies, Economics, Education, Government Information, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Modern 1800-, History US, History World, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Law, Political Science