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  1. America's Historical Newspapers

    When complete, this database will provide access to over cover-to-cover, fully searchable and browsable facsimile reproductions of over 1000 historic U.S. newspapers from all 50 states.

    In progress; content will continue to be added until digitization is complete. Go to Archive of Americana to search across multiple U.S. historical collections.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1690- (in process; when complete, will cover 1690-1922)

    Subjects: Archives and Primary Sources, History US, Multidisciplinary Databases, News Sources

  2. American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection

    The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection is a comprehensive collection of more than 6,500 American magazines and journals from the AAS, the premier library documenting the life of America’s people from the Colonial Era through the Civil War and Reconstruction. It is divided into five chronological series, which can be searched simultaneously:

    • Series 1 (1691-1820)
    • Series 2 (1821-1837)
    • Series 3 (1838-1852)
    • Series 4 (1853-1865)
    • Series 5 (1866-1877)

    Subjects covered include art, architecture, music, literature, law, politics, religion, philosophy, science, medicine, family history and ethnic studies.

    Walk-in users: OK; Unlimited simultaneous users
    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1691 - 1877

    Subjects: English and American Literature, History US, Archives and Primary Sources

  3. American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)

    The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies covers North American (U.S. and Canadian) scholarship on East Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

    Indexes journals, books, book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, and selected government publications.

    • Coverage: 1956 to present

    Subjects: Anthropology, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Modern 1800-, History World, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies

  4. American Broadsides and Ephemera, Series I

    Offers fully searchable facsimile images of broadsides printed between 1820 and 1900 and ephemera printed between 1760 and 1900. Based on the American Antiquarian Society's collections, subjects range widely from contemporary Civil War accounts, natural disasters, government proclamations, tax bills, and town meeting reports to clipper ship and trade cards, theater and music programs, stock certificates, menus and invitations documenting civic, political and private celebrations.

    Go to Archive of Americana to search across multiple U.S. historical collections.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1760-1900

    Subjects: History US, Archives and Primary Sources, Government Information

  5. American Chemical Society Journals

    Also known as ACS Web Editions. Provides full-text access to chemistry journals from the American Chemical Society.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1879 to present

    Subjects: Chemistry, Physics

  6. American Civil War Letters and Diaries

    American Civil War: Letters and Diaries knits together more than 1,000 sources of diaries, letters, and memoirs to provide fast access to thousands of views on almost every aspect of the war, including what was happening at home.

    This collection includes approximately 100,000 pages of published memoirs, letters and diaries from individuals plus 4,000 pages of previously unpublished materials. Drawn from more than 1,000 sources, the collection provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of the war. More than 1,000 biographies will enhance the use of the database.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: History US, Archives and Primary Sources

  7. American Drama

    One of the largest electronic collections of full-text American dramatic literature, from the colonial period to the present. The collection will contain more than 2,000 plays by American dramatists when it is complete.

    At present, American Drama includes 711 plays by dramatists including Thomas Paine, Edward Hitchcock, and James Lawson, as well as such works as Thomas Godfrey's The Prince of Parthia, the first American play performed on an American stage and George Aiken's stage adaptation of Uncle Tom's Cabin, the most popular stage production of the nineteenth century.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1714-1915

    Subjects: English and American Literature

  8. American Film Institute Catalog

    Provides comprehensive filmographic information on over 45,000 films, including the early years of film from 1893 to 1910. The database includes approximately one million personal name entries including, actor and director entries.

    • Coverage: 1893 - 1970

    Subjects: Multidisciplinary Databases

  9. American History in Video

    Collection of documentary films and newsreel footage in streaming video format, on topics relating to American history. Search and view complete program transcripts to access relevant clips within a documentary or newsreel.

    In-class viewing and embedding of video in websites, course management systems (e.g. BlackBoard) or other Emory course-related access points is permitted under Emory's subscription to this database.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1890s-1980s

    Subjects: History US, Journalism, Archives and Primary Sources, News Sources

  10. American Indian Histories and Cultures

    Collection of primary sources for the study of Native American history and culture. Includes manuscripts, artworks and printed books derived from the Ayer Collection at the Newberry Library, one of the most comprehensive collections of Native American material in the United States.

    This database can be searched alongside other Adam Matthew collections using the Archive Explorer portal.

    • Coverage: 16th century to present

    Subjects: American Indian Studies, History US

  11. American Institute of Physics Journals

    SPIN Web allows you to search for abstracts to major American and Russian physics and astronomy journals published by the American Institute of Physics and its Member Societies.

    To look for a particular physics journal, click here.

    Some full-text is available in either postcript, gzip or PDF files. If you are not using a UNIX machine, you must download the gzip program from your Eagle-Dooley account by selecting option 8.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1975 to present

    Subjects: Chemistry, Physics

  12. American Jewish Historical Newspapers

    Back files of major American Jewish historical newspapers.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1857-1990

    Subjects: History US, Jewish Studies

  13. American Mathematical Society Journals

    Full-text editions of mathematics journals published by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). MathSciNet is the AMS online index to Mathematical Reviews.

    Coverage is from 1940 to the present.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Varies

    Subjects: Mathematics

  14. American National Biography

    Successor to the renowned Dictionary of American Biography, the ANB is a premier source of biographical information on over 18,000 people from all eras who have influenced and shaped American history and culture.

    The ANB covers deceased individuals whose significant actions occurred during his or her residence within what is now the United States or whose life or career directly influenced the course of American history. Updated quarterly, the online ANB includes bibliographies for further research and links to related biographies, and also incorporates articles from The Oxford Companion to United States History. Allows 2-5 simultaneous users.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: History US, Biographies

  15. American Periodicals Series Online

    A major primary source collection for historical research. Includes digitized images of American periodicals from the colonial period through the beginning of the 20th century.

    More than 1,000 periodicals from all fields will be covered in the completed product.

    • Coverage: 1740-1900

    Subjects: History US, News Sources

  16. American Poetry

    Contains over 40,000 poems by more than 200 poets, covering the Colonial period to the early twentieth century, and drawn from over 1,200 printed sources.

    • Coverage: 1600-1900

    Subjects: English and American Literature

  17. American Race Relations: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996

    Reports, publications, and news broadcasts covering America's fight for racial justice, with firsthand analysis of race relations in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This collection is a subset of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) database from Readex.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1941-1996

    Subjects: African American Studies, History US, History World

  18. American Slavery A Composite Autobiography

    American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography includes the life histories of former American slaves and the transcripts of actual slave interviews conducted by individuals working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA) from 1936 to 1938.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: African American Studies, History US, Archives and Primary Sources, Biographies

  19. American Song

    Listen via streamed audio to popular vocal and instrumental music from the United States. Genres include country, folk, bluegrass, American Indian, blues, gospel, Latin, shape-note singing, Tejano, doo-wop, R&B, soul, and more.

    Use “Music Online: Listening” (accessible from the Databases @ Emory page) for combined access to American Song, Classical Music Library, Contemporary World Music, Jazz Music Library, and Smithsonian Global Sound.

    Subjects: Music

  20. American State Papers

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1789-1838

    Subjects: Government Information, History US, Archives and Primary Sources

  21. American West

    The American West is a digital collection of rare manuscripts, ephemeral material, and printed sources from the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana at the Newberry Library of Chicago.

    The collection includes over 120 zoomable maps, notable manuscript collections such as the papers of James Audubon, city directories and prospectuses, and other sources that document the history of Native Americans, explorers, pioneers, agriculture, the Mormon exodus, and Wild West shows. The collection is indexed by title, author, date, format, theme, region, names and subjects.

    • Coverage: 1722-1939 (bulk 1830-1939)

    Subjects: African American Studies, American Indian Studies

  22. Ancestry Library Edition-On campus access only

    The Ancestry Library Edition collection (also known as Ancestry Plus or is a major source of census and other records of interest to historical, social, and genealogical researchers.

    It includes: U.S. federal census roll images and indexes from 1790 to 1930; U.K. and Ireland census materials; vital and church records; passenger and immigration lists; military records; court, land, and probate records; historical maps; the American Genealogical Biographical Index, Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage books; WWI draft registration cards; slave narratives; and much more.

    Available on-campus only
    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: History US, History World, Sociology, Statistics and Demography, Archives and Primary Sources, Biographies, Government Information

  23. Animal Behavior Abstracts

    Indexes journals relevant to animal behavior covering such subjects as neurophysiology, behavioral ecology, genetics, applied ethology, and the biology of taxonomic groups, including summaries of both field and laboratory inquiries.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1982 to present

    Subjects: Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Neuroscience Animal Behavior, Psychology, Environmental Sciences

  24. Annals of American History (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

    Includes over 90 narrated illustrations and 85 animations, 60 anatomical labeling exercises, 200 multiple choice and drag/drop questions with automatic scoring, interactive models, and video clips of behavior.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1493-2002

    Subjects: History US, Archives and Primary Sources

  25. Annee Philologique

    An international bibliography that contains citations for Greek and Roman studies. The database covers all aspects of classical languages, literatures, history, philosophy, art, religion, music, mythology, science, numismatics, and other subjects.

    Its scope is the period from 2000 BC to 800 AD.

    Subjects: Art and Architecture, Classics, Comparative Literature, History Ancient -400, History Middle Ages 400-1450, History World, Philosophy