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  1. Corpus of the Early Francophone Literature of Black Africa

    This large-scale scholarly enterprise gathers together all the French-speaking literature from sub-Saharan Africa it was possible to collect: oral and written literature from the origins (end of the 18th century) to Independence (1960, as date of authors’ death).
    The written literature gathered comes either from works benefiting from a wide distribution or from publications with a local or temporary distribution and kept on short-lived media (press, periodicals, parish bulletins, pamphlets, etc.).
    The oral literature was collected by monks, civil servants, soldiers, French, foreign or local academics.

    It was edited on various media as different as a report from a commanding office or a collective work assembled by a Parisian publisher. We also often find this oral literature in dictionaries, grammars, or in early 19th century teaching methods of African languages. Educational works are treasure-stores for the keeping of the most ancient cultural heritage, both popular and scholarly. They also have the extreme advantage of being bilingual. That is why a bilingual version is given for every French text that has a counterpart in an African language.
    In all, this exhaustive corpus of more than 11 000 texts covers the whole of sub-Saharan francophone Africa, that is some twenty countries and more than a hundred ethnic groups and brings together the most diverse genres of this literature which has yet to be discovered and studied (novel

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    Subjects: French Literature and Language