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  1. EconLit with Full Text

    EconLit with Full Text contains all of the content available in EconLit, plus full text for more than 400 publications including titles from the American economic Association such as: American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, and Journal of Economic Perspectives.

    • Coverage: 1969 to present

    Subjects: Anthropology, Business, Economics, Sociology

  2. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

    Access the EIU's latest international politics, business news, opinions, and economic data and analysis for 201 countries.For help using this resource, contact Chris Palazzolo, Political Science and International Documents Librarian.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, Anthropology, Area Studies, Business, Economics, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Political Science, Statistics and Demography

  3. ELDIS Gateway to Development Information

    Includes research reports, working papers, discussion papers, conference papers, statistics, case studies, policy briefings, etc. related to development that concentrate on information covering countries in the Southern Hemisphere (also includes items on other regions if the information could be applied to Southern-based research).

    The editors select and abstract full-text online documents from more than 4,500 different publishers focusing on materials which are of strategic, policy or practical interest for development practitioners. The database includes country profiles as well as 30 subject-focused guides. All documents are available free of charge.

    For help using this resource, contact Chris Palazzolo, Political Science and International Documents Librarian.

    Subjects: Anthropology, Area Studies, Development Studies, Political Science, Sociology


    Indexes international biomedical journals covering public health, toxicology, pharmacology, drug research, health policy and management, psychiatry, psychology, biomedical engineering, alternative medicine, and environmental health.

    • Coverage: 1980 to present

    Subjects: Health, Anthropology, Environmental Sciences, Public Health, Biological Sciences

  5. Empire Online

    Primary sources on colonial history, politics, culture and society from 1492 to the 21st century. Thematically divided into sections covering Cultural Contacts, Literature of Empire, the Visible Empire, Religion, Race, Class and Imperialism.

    Sources include Exploration journals and logs; Letter books and correspondence; Periodicals; Diaries; Official Government Papers; Missionary papers; Travel writing; Slave papers; Memoirs; Fiction; Children's Adventure Stories; Traditional; folk tales; Exhibition Catalogues and guides; Maps; Marketing Posters; Photographs; and Illustrations. Indexing by period, by date, by person and subject.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1492-present

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, Anthropology, Archives and Primary Sources, Area Studies, Religion, Sociology

  6. Encyclopedia of Life

    The Encyclopedia of Life is a free collaborative online resource that compiles information about all living species known to science. The project was created by the Field Museum, Harvard University, MacArthur Foundation, Marine Biological Laboratory, Missouri Botanical Garden, Sloan Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Anthropology, Science and Technology, Biological Sciences

  7. ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) [U.S. Department of Education]

    ERIC is the premier index for education literature and consists of two files: Resources in Education (RIE) and Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE). RIE includes ERIC documents, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, and books.

    CIJE indexes more than 775 journal articles.

    Coverage is from 1966 - current.
    Microfiche of ERIC documents until June 2004 is available in microfiche drawer 411.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1966-present

    Subjects: African American Studies, Anthropology, Education, Library and Information Science, Psychology, Psychology Measurement instruments

  8. Ethnic NewsWatch

    A full-text collection of U. S. newspapers, magazines, and journals of ethnic, minority, and native presses, searchable in English and Spanish. This database includes both current (1990-present) and historical (1960-1989) indexes.

    • Coverage: 1960 to present

    Subjects: African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Archives and Primary Sources, Current Events, Ethnic Studies, Georgia, History US, Jewish Studies, News Sources, Sociology

  9. Ethnographic Video Online

    Collection of documentary films in streaming video format for the visual study of human culture and behavior. Includes classic and contemporary documentaries produced by leading video producers in the discipline; previously unpublished footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers in the field; and select feature films.

    Wherever possible, videos include accompanying field notes, liner notes, filmmaker biographies, related articles, study guides, and other context-enhancing, full-text materials. Publishing partners include the leading video content providers in the discipline, including Documentary Educational Resources (DER). Includes searchable transcripts that run alongside each video as well as rich functionality that lets users create, annotate, and organize clips and include links to other content. In-class viewing and embedding of video in websites, course management systems (e.g. BlackBoard) or other Emory course-related access points is permitted under Emory’s subscription to this database. Unlimited simultaneous users; walk-in users allowed

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, Anthropology

  10. Ethnologue

    Provides a comprehensive listing as well as information, statistics and maps of the known living languages of the world. Also includes information on extinct languages.

    A separate Bibliography section indexes articles published by SIL language researchers.

    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Anthropology, American Indian Studies