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    Offers performances by well-known musicians, streamed live and subsequently available on demand for a limited time, as well as a corpus of permanently accessible videos (the “Catalogue”).  Genres include concerts, opera, educational programs, master classes, competitions, artist portraits, and dance.  The emphasis is on western art music.  An app is available for phones and other digital devices.  Compatible browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+

    • Coverage: 20th-21st century

    Subjects: Audio and Video Online, Dance, Music, Theater Studies, Archives and Primary Sources

  2. Met Opera on Demand

    Streaming video and audio of performances from the Metropolitan Opera House. Contains videos from the Live in HD series of movie-theater transmissions, broadcasts on public television (1977–2003), and radio performances dating back to 1936.

    • Coverage: 1936-present

    Subjects: Music, Audio and Video Online, Theater Studies

  3. Music Index

    Index to periodical articles on music. Coverage is international in scope and includes music of all periods and genres, musical instruments, composers, performers, the music industry, and other music-related topics.

    In addition to comprehensive coverage of periodicals devoted to music, provides selective indexing of journals in related disciplines and of some general titles. The print version of Music Index goes back to 1949.

    • Coverage: 1979 - present

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, Dance, Music

  4. Music Industry Data

    Provides sound-recordings chart data from the U.S. (Billboard) and 8 other countries, plus graphs and analytical tools. Includes full-text articles from selected journals.

    See the Product Tour for orientation.

    • Coverage: 1950s-present

    Subjects: Music

  5. Music Periodicals Database (formerly IIMP)

    Indexes articles from more than 430 journals from about 20 countries, and selectively indexes some newspapers. Coverage begins with 1996 except for a selection of journals indexed in their entirety.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1874 to present

    Subjects: Music

  6. Musical Periodicals, 1781-1879 (American Antiquarian Society)

    A subset of the database “American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection,” this contains the periodicals devoted to music that were published in the U.S.

    from 1781 to 1879.  Provides images of the original documents.  All content is also available in the larger database. 

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1781-1879

    Subjects: Music