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  1. Archives Unbound: SAFEHAVEN Reports on Nazi Looting of Occupied Countries Hosting (1944-1945)

    SAFEHAVEN was the code name of a project of the Foreign Economic Administration, in cooperation with the State Department and the military services, to block the flow of German capital across neutral boundaries and to identify and observe all German overseas investments.

    During and after World War II the United States Government expended considerable resources on the looted art issue partly through the SAFEHAVEN Programme which aimed to identify, recover, and restitute Nazi looted assets. It was believed that upwards 20% of the art of Europe was looted by the Nazis. The archive records the interest of many people, as well as foreign governments, to know what happened to the assets Holocaust victims placed on deposit in Swiss banks and what happened to all the gold that the Nazis had looted from the central banks of Europe. It provides a full account of the role played during the war by the United States Government in their dealings with the Nazi looted assets.

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    • Coverage: 1944-1945
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    Subjects: History Modern 1800-, History US, History World, Jewish Studies