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  1. Colonial State Papers

    The Colonial State Papers (CO1) is a database of documents that were presented to the Privy Council and the Board of Trade between 1574 and 1757, and that relate to the governance of and activities in, the American, Canadian, and West Indian Colonies of England.

    The database also contains the Calendar of the State Papers Colonial: North America and West Indies, which includes bibliographic descriptions of documents from COI and other Colonial Office Files.

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    Subjects: History Early Modern 1450-1800, History World, History US

  2. Complete Music and Dance Package

    The Complete Music and Dance Package delivers the largest, most diverse catalog of music content in the world for students, scholars, and patrons of the arts.

    Broad-ranging materials include video of live performances, audio recordings, instructional films, previously unpublished works from acclaimed playwrights, performance posters and playbills, video interviews, and choreography not seen since the time of its original performance.

    Here are some of the individual collections that are included in this database:

    African American Music Reference -
    American Song -
    Classical Music Library -
    Classical Music Reference Library -
    Classical Scores Library: Volumes I, II, III and IV -
    Contemporary World Music -
    Dance in Video: Volumes I and II -
    Jazz Music Library -
    Opera in Video -
    Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries -
    The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

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    Subjects: Dance, Music