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  1. China, America and the Pacific

    The database provides primary source materials for the study of the history of North American trade and cultural exchange with China, it also covers China’s economic dealings with the whole of East Asia and the Pacific.  The key themes include:

    • Old China Trade
    • Commercial development of cities on the East Coast USA
    • Maritime routes between East and West Coasts
    • Development of Hawa'ii as key American trading post
    • Chinese-American cultural exchange
    • 19th-century Chinese immigration
    • Fur Trade in the Pacific Northwest (indigenous peoples)
    • Object history – commodities of China trade
    • Diplomacy and politics of America and the Far East

    • Coverage: 18th and 19th centuries
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    Subjects: Area Studies, Chinese Studies, Business, Economics, History World, History US, Political Science, Sociology

  2. Church Missionary Society Periodicals

    Includes the Church Missionary Gleaner 1838-2009, magazine with rich woodcut illustrations to record and inform the public of its activities; Church Missionary Intelligencer for a more scholarly audience with in-depth articles in a journal style; The South American Missionary Magazine; Ruanda Notes; Register of Missionaries; Church Missionary Atlas; and The Gleaner Pictorial Albums.

    • Coverage: 1804-2009
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    Subjects: Religion