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  1. Policies and Laws of China

    PLOC is a comprehensive collection of full-text Chinese legislation, jurisdictions, cases, official announcements and treaties published after 1949. As of Feb. 2014, there are over 610,000 records in the database.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1949-present

    Subjects: Chinese Studies

  2. Scripta Sinica

    Scripta Sinica is a full-text database established for academic research. Scripta Sinica is the largest Chinese full-text database to encompass an enormous breadth of historical materials of this scale.

    More than 400 titles and 350,000,000 characters of materials pertaining to the traditional Chinese classics have been included in the database and have been categorized with meticulous care. The Scripta Sinica database contains almost all of the important Chinese classics, especially those related to Chinese history.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: pre-1949

    Subjects: Archives and Primary Sources, Economics, Chinese Studies, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Middle Ages 400-1450, History Modern 1800-, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion

  3. Siku Quanshu

    The Siku Quanshu is undisputed as the largest single assembly of classical works in the world. It was compiled by edict of Emperor Qianlong, the Siku Quanshu (complete library of four treasures) is a compendium of 3,000 years of Chinese knowledge, including literature, history, medicine, science and technology, diplomacy, philosophy, linguistics and so much more.

    It encompasses 3,460 works totaling more than 36,000 volumes and is brought to life like never before in a unique, fully online format. This monumental work is the result of contributions by hundreds of editors and noted scholars and is a great resource for the research of Chinese studies.

    The client program is at, where you can download the software (setup.exe), the Installation Guide and the User Manual.

    There is no direct-access URL, since the database contains archaic Chinese characters not included in the current Unicode standard.

    Once the client program is installed, open the program and select IP Login to gain access.

    The Installation Guide at contains information regarding technical requirements (e.g. required language packs).

    System Requirements
    The minimum requirements of the Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) Online Subscription Services are:

    1. Pentium III 800 or above CPU
    2. 140 MB Hard Drive space (for client program and font i
    • Full Text: Yes

    Subjects: Chinese Studies

  4. World History in Video

    World History in Video is a wide-ranging collection of critically acclaimed documentaries that allow students and researchers to explore human history from the earliest civilizations to the late twentieth century.

    The video content offered here is truly global in scope, covering Africa and the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. Its unparalleled geographical and chronological coverage captures longer-term and multiple perspectives, so students can make connections across cultures and over time, incorporating people, places, events, and artifacts from around the world and across the centuries.

    Subjects: Multidisciplinary Databases, Audio and Video Online, African American Studies, African Studies Sub-Saharan, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Area Studies, Biographies, Chinese Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Dance, Economics, Education, English and American Literature, Environmental Sciences, Ethnic Studies, Film and Media Studies, French Literature and Language, Georgia, Government Information, History Ancient -400, History Early Modern 1450-1800, History Middle Ages 400-1450, History Modern 1800-, History US, History World, Japanese Studies, Jewish Studies, Journalism, Korean Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, LGBT Studies, Middle East Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies, Sociology, South Asian Studies, Womens and Gender Studies

  5. Zhongguo Su Wen Ku

    中國俗文庫 or 中国俗文库 This is a full-text database of pre-modern Chinese popular literature in various genres (including 俗講, 小説, 戲曲, and 説唱). Please note: One concurrent user limit.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Pre 1911

    Subjects: Chinese Studies