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  1. Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB)

    Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) is an online version and continuation of the Annual Egyptological (AEB), published in print 1947-2001, as well as Christine Beinlich-Seebers Bibliographie Altagypten 1822-1946.

    OEB uses the Trlit CG Times font for the display of Egyptian Transliteration characters, and recommends the Mozilla Firefox web browser for the correct display of the phonetic Unicode characters. Microsoft Internet Explorer may not display all of the characters correctly.

    • Coverage: 1822-present

    Subjects: Art and Architecture, Classics, Dissertations and Theses, History World, Religion

  2. OPAC der Deutschen Bibliotek Frankfurt am Main

    The printed Deutsche Nationalbibliographie, which listed dissertations in Reihe C Dissertationen und Habilitationscchriften and Reihe H Hochschulschriften, must now be supplemented with online searching in the Deutsche Bibliothek's online catalog.

    For digital dissertations in German, see Dissertationen Online (

    Subjects: Dissertations and Theses, Multidisciplinary Databases