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  1. Archive Finder

    Archive Finder brings together ArchivesUSA and the cumulative index to the National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the UK and Ireland (NIDS UK/Ireland), previously available on CD-ROM.

    • Coverage: 1959 - Present
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    Subjects: History US, Multidisciplinary Databases, Archives and Primary Sources

  2. Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)

    The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—representing the full panoply of American regional vocabulary has long been consulted by a wide range of scholars and lovers of language and regional nuance.

    This digital version transforms the dictionary into an interactive, multimedia tool that will greatly benefit both scholarly inquiry and general intellectual curiosity.

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    Subjects: Linguistics

  3. Psychological Experiments Online

    Psychological Experiments Online pairs audio and video recordings of quintessential experiments in psychology with thousands of pages of primary-source documents.

    It's packed with exclusive and hard-to-find materials, including notes from experiment participants, journal articles, books, field notes, and final reports in topics from obedience to authority and conformity to operant conditioning.

    Currently, only keyword & “AND” searches work – Boolean OR & NOT are treated as AND
    • Coverage: Early 1900s - present
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    Subjects: Neuroscience Animal Behavior, Psychology, Psychology Measurement instruments