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  1. Newsbank Access World News

    Access World News coverage includes domestic newspapers, international newspapers, news wires, transcripts, and broadcasts, including 16 Georgia newspapers. All titles are the full electronic version of record.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: varies

    Subjects: Current Events, History Modern 1800-, History US, Journalism, News Sources

  2. Niles' Register

    Niles Register  also known as The Weekly Register, Niles Weekly Register, and Niles National Register  was a newsweekly founded by Hezekiah Niles in 1811.

    It was published by Niles or his successors until 1849. It covered both the United States and the world. The cumulative index permits researchers to locate pertinent articles in the more than 30,000 densely printed pages that make up this work.

    • Coverage: Cumulative Index, 1811-1849

    Subjects: History Modern 1800-, History US, Archives and Primary Sources, News Sources

  3. Nineteenth Century Collections Online

    Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) is a full-text database of primary sources from the 19th Century, including monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, statistics, and more.

    • Emory Libraries has access to four collections in this database:
    • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
    • British Politics and Society
    • British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture
    • European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: 1700-1916

    Subjects: African Studies Sub-Saharan, English and American Literature, History Modern 1800-, History World, Music, Theater Studies, Archives and Primary Sources

  4. Nineteenth Century Masterfile (Poole's Plus)

    Paratext's 19th-Century Masterfile is a vast "index of indexes," bringing together in one database the contents of dozens of subject indexes that cover American and British periodicals, books, and government documents published from the late 18th to the early 20th century.

    A select number of periodical titles, including Harper's Monthly, Atlantic Monthly, and Scribner's Monthly, as well as the U.S. Congressional Record are available in full text. A valuable resource for students and faculty studying 19th and early 20th century life and culture. More details about indexes covered in 19th Century Masterfile.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: Late 18th to early 20th century

    Subjects: English and American Literature, History Modern 1800-, History US, Archives and Primary Sources

  5. North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories

    Personal narratives of immigrants to the United States and Canada, including letters, diaries, pamphlets, autobiographies, and oral history interviews, beginning around 1840 and extending to the present but focusing heavily on the period from 1920 to 1980.

    Provides perspectives both on North America and on the immigrants countries of origin. Also includes selected emigrant guides and advice books for immigrants, political cartoons, and audio and video.

    • Full Text: Yes
    • Coverage: ca. 1840 to present

    Subjects: Area Studies, Ethnic Studies, History Modern 1800-, History US, Jewish Studies, Womens and Gender Studies, Archives and Primary Sources