Final week! Melanie Bunn's portraits of library staff on display

Published 01-01-2012

Melanie Bunn with her portrait of Alex Kyrychenko, one of 20 library staff members that she painted for the exhibition currently on display on the main floor of the Woodruff Library.

An eye-catching array of oil portraits are on display near the spiral staircase at the back of Woodruff Library’s main level. “The Portrait Project: A Snapshot of Emory Libraries Staff,” is an exhibition of portraits by Melanie Bunn, leader of the stacks and storage teams.

She began the project by taking a series of grainy black and white photos of 20 staff members with her Blackberry, then she worked from those shots to create offbeat portraits with oil paint, oil pastel and graphite. Staff members from circulation, IT, cataloging, maintenance, building facilities, intellectual property rights - even the director of libraries himself - are among those featured.

The series concludes with a self-portrait of the artist and a bio that clearly shows her self-deprecating humor.

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Originally posted Sept. 19, 2011