World news, conversation area opens in Woodruff Library lobby

Published 12-10-2012

The latest news is now at your fingertips in the entrance lobby of the Woodruff Library.

In the recently installed New Books & News area, visitors can not only browse a sample of the library’s latest book titles, they can also explore digital versions of more than 2,200 newspapers from 100 countries in 56 languages on a large touchscreen monitor.

The newspapers are available via the database, PressDisplay, which users can search by title, country or language. Tapping on a front page opens up the full digital edition of the paper, which can be paged through using your finger or a stylus.

“We’re excited to have PressDisplay at Emory. Students and faculty can stay informed about important news from all over the world and see how other countries view the same events,” says Chris Palazzolo. He and Elizabeth McBride are the two subject librarians who helped bring the news resource to Emory.

“PressDisplay at Emory not only stresses globalization but also gives many students a chance to see their hometown paper, whether it’s the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or The Times of India,” McBride adds.

Depending on the newspaper, users can access news articles up to two months old. Certain newspapers are available to members of the Emory community exclusively through this service.

Library PressDisplay can also be accessed on iPads, computers, and other digital devices by up to five different users at a time.

“I expect New Books & News to be a lively area,” Palazzolo says. “People will be browsing the latest titles as well as checking out the headlines. There should be plenty of discussion.”

The new books on display are available for checkout and will change regularly.