Students Rewarded for Research Papers

Published 04-18-2012

The Robert W. Woodruff Library announces that the 2012 Undergraduate Research Award (URA) winners have been selected by our judges and we honor the following students:
Hannah Coleman, (Freshman Award) “Clinton’s Strategic “G” Word: The United States’ Failure in Preventing the Rwandan Genocide”
Faculty sponsor: Carol Anderson

Zachary Domach, “The Anglo-Norman Kingdom and Rome: William the Conqueror, Lafranc of Bec, Alexander II, and Gregory VI”
Faculty sponsor: Tonio Andrade

Hyeok Kang, “Big Heads and Buddhist Demons: The Korean Military Revolution and the Northern Expeditions of 1654 and 1658”
Faculty sponsor: Stephen White

This honor comes with a certificate and prize of $500 for each winner. Judges will present the certificates and prizes at the Undergraduate Research Symposium on Wednesday, April 25 at the Dobbs University Center. The winners will share their work with the Emory community via poster presentations from 3 to 6 p.m.; awards will be presented at 4:30. Please come out and support these students!

Judges for this year’s URA were:
Tanya Molodtsova, Department of Economics
Daphne Norton, Department of Chemistry
Rob O’Reilly, Electronic Data Center
Walter Reed, English professor and director of Graduate Institute for Liberal Arts
Stewart Varner, DiSC

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