On view until Tuesday: Quirky library exhibit celebrates Campaign Emory success

Published 01-31-2013

Can you see the word spelled out in the book pages?
The Robert W. Woodruff Library will be the first location to host one of 12 exhibits commissioned by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to celebrate the recent success of Campaign Emory and spotlight the fundraising effort’s impact on students, faculty, research, and facility growth.

Artist Isaac Salazar hand-folded each page of approximately thirty different books to create the exhibit, which will remain on display on Level 2 of the Woodruff Library through Monday, Feb. 4. The only traveling exhibit of the series, it will move the following day to the Miller-Ward Alumni House.

When all the books in the exhibit are viewed together, Albert Einstein’s quote, “Information is not Knowledge,” is visible. The phrase brings to mind the complexity of the modern day “information-overload” environment and highlights the researcher’s role in taking that information and transforming it into knowledge.

“Although the saying initially sounds pessimistic, it really is not,” says Michael Kloss, executive director of the Office of University Events, who is in charge of the campaign celebration exhibitions. “One can be surrounded by facts and information but not truly understand any of it. It takes active work on the individual’s part in order to gain true knowledge.”

It’s fitting that Woodruff Library is hosting Salazar’s exhibit since “the library is often the first place students and researchers go in order to start gaining knowledge,” says Ginger Smith, director of external affairs for Emory Libraries.

The books in the exhibit were purchased from bargain bins, rescued from recycle bins, or selected because their printing errors left them unable to be sold or used. No books were permanently altered to create the exhibit, as the pages can be unfolded to restore the books to their original condition.

Over the course of seven years, Campaign Emory sought to raise funds to support teaching, research, scholarship, patient care, and social action. Campaign Emory exceeded its goal to raise $1.6 billion by raising nearly $1.7 billion.