OpenEmory fund helps Emory authors get published

Published 07-05-2013

The Emory University Open Access (OA) Publishing Fund helped Emory University researchers publish four articles in scholarly open access journals this year, and the plan is to assist even more authors in the coming months.

The publishing fund is part of OpenEmory, an open access repository of scholarly articles by members of the Emory faculty, and is a service of Emory Libraries. The OA Publishing Fund guidelines were approved by the University Senate’s Library Policy Committee. The Emory Libraries Scholarly Communication Office, under the leadership of director Lisa Macklin, administers the fund.

“The purpose of the OA Publishing Fund is to foster the exploration of open access publishing across research communities, and we intentionally made the fund available to students as well as faculty,” Macklin says. “We’re very pleased that three of the four articles funded included a student co-author. We have three more articles approved for funds, but these articles have not yet been published.”

Macklin says the OA fund covers article processing fees when no other funds are available, making it easier for Emory authors to publish in eligible open access journals and books. The fund’s web page includes the guidelines for eligibility for the fund and links to the Directory of Open Access Journals and Directory of Open Access Books for those who want to find OA journals and book publishers in their field.

Emory University faculty, post-docs, and currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students on the Emory and Oxford campuses are eligible to apply for funding. The money is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, up to a maximum reimbursement of $1,500 per article or book. Other restrictions apply; see the funding web page for details.

The fund for the first year was $25,000. The same amount will be funded next year, so requests are encouraged.

The OA-funded articles from this academic year were:

1) "Diet and density dependent competition affect larval performance and oviposition site selection in the mosquito species Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)." Co-authored by Miho Yoshioka, Jannelle Couret, Frances Kim, Joseph McMillan, Uriel Kitron and Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec of Emory University; Thomas R. Burkot of James Cook University (Australia) and Ellen M. Dotson of CDC. This article, the first to be funded, was co-authored by an undergraduate SIRE student (Burkot).

Article available at:

Since being deposited in October 2012, this article received 53 views and 29 downloads as of July 2.

2) "Bonobos respond to distress in others: Consolation across the age spectrum." Co-authored by Frans B. M. de Waal and Zanna Clay of Emory University.

Article available at:

Since being deposited in January 2013, this article received 32 views and 21 downloads as of July 2.

3) "Association of duration of residence in the southeastern United States with chronic kidney disease may differ by race: the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) cohort study." Co-authored by Laura Plantinga, Suzanne Elizabeth Judd, and William McClellan of Emory University; Virginia J. Howard, Paul Muntner, Rikki Tanner, Dana Rizk, David G. Warnock, and George Howard of University of Alabama, and Daniel T. Lackland of Medical University of South Carolina.

Article available at:

Since being deposited in April 2013, this article received 29 views and 13 downloads as of July 2.

4) "Promoting neonatal staff nurses' comfort and involvement in end of life and bereavement care." Co-authored by Weihua Zhang of Emory University and Betty S. Lane of Clayton State University.

Article available at:

Since being deposited in April 2013, this article received 24 views and 9 downloads as of July 2.

For more information on OpenEmory or the OA Publishing Fund, visit the website or contact Lisa Macklin at or 404-727-1535.

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