Emory completes move-in to Library Service Center, launches joint LSC website with Georgia Tech

Published 09-12-2016

by Emory Libraries

Felicia Bianchi, Emory's project manager (with arm raised), is shown giving a tour of the LSC shelving system this spring. Credit: Emory Photo.

With two Emory Libraries storage locations now empty, the ingest of materials into the Library Service Center from both Emory and the Georgia Tech Library is complete.

“It’s a huge deal from an Emory perspective, getting everything out of the various storage locations and into the LSC,” says Felicia Bianchi, the project manager from Emory University.

More than 1.6 million items are now housed in the climate-controlled, state-of-the-art building at 1260 Briarcliff Rd. The facility, where materials are preserved under optimum conditions, has the capacity to house 4 million volumes.

The Library Service Center features a reading room with natural light for patrons who want to view materials onsite. Credit: Emory Libraries.

The facility, a partnership between Emory University and Georgia Tech, now houses about 95 percent of Georgia Tech Library’s collections and about 20 percent of Emory’s. The project allowed Emory to move collections out of storage sites that included the High Museum and the 1762 Clifton Road building. Bianchi says the items stored at the High Museum were in a dark archive and are now available to library patrons for the first time in years.

Emory and Georgia Tech launched a joint website for the LSC on Sept. 1 at libraryservicecenter.org, where patrons can learn more about the facility.

Patrons can request materials from the LSC via their respective library’s catalog search engine without needing to launch a separate search.

This sharing of resources expands the collections of both universities, giving faculty, students and staff access to new materials that would normally need to be requested using interlibrary loan services. Only about 17 percent of the two collections overlap, which means a wealth of new material is now available to patrons from both universities.

Yolanda Cooper, Emory University Librarian, says students and faculty at Emory and Georgia Tech will find deliveries to both campuses seamless and timely, as most materials will adhere to the 24-hour system developed for the Library Service Center.

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