Enjoy the lighter side of Shakespeare in new pop culture exhibit at the Woodruff Library

Published 06-29-2016

by Maureen McGavin

As Emory prepares for the November arrival of Shakespeare’s First Folio from the Folger Library, the Emory Libraries will exhibit “A Goodly Commodity: Shakespeare in Pop Culture,” which explores pop culture’s fascination with the Bard through artifacts from the collections of Emory English professors Harry Rusche (emeritus) and Sheila Cavanagh. From costumed Wishbone and Barbie dolls, to Shakespeare insult cards, to a Bard twist on the Star Wars trilogy, the reach of Shakespeare’s influence continues into modern times. On display June 29, 2016 – Feb. 26, 2017. Photos by Paige Knight, Emory Libraries.

Shakespeare Battling Bard punching puppet.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed as Romeo and Juliet.
William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy books, including "The Empire Striketh Back" and "The Jedi Doth Return."
Rogue Shakespeare stout beer bottle.
Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" teapot and Shakespeare's blend English Breakfast tea.
Shakespeare rubber duckie.
Shakespeare air freshener in "Shakespearemint" scent.

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