Science Commons welcomes Atlanta Science Festival with special book exhibit and Emory 'Sciku' contest

Published 02-24-2017

by Maureen McGavin

A photo of the Science Commons book exhibit to celebrate the Atlanta Science Festival events at Emory University.

As Emory University partners with the Atlanta Science Festival for the fourth year, the Emory Libraries’ Science Commons in the Atwood Chemistry Center is starting a collaboration of its own with ASF and will kick it off with a science book exhibit, which will open March 1 ahead of the ASF opening on the Emory campus.

The ASF Science Commons Exhibit, in the Level 2 atrium, will include an 8-foot-tall schedule of festival events at Emory (the festival will run March 14-25 with events at various locations around Atlanta); a variety of entertaining science books for all ages and interests from the Emory Libraries’ collection that pertain to the festival’s events; and a “Sciku” table and pin board, where Emory community members and their families can write and pin up their science-themed haikus for a chance at prizes. Science librarians Kristan Majors Chilcoat and Chris Doty and Science Commons supervisor Oliver Smith are curating the exhibit.

“Our message is to promote our collections and let people know that we have fun, cool science books, too,” Chilcoat says. The exhibit, which will run March 1-31, will be open during regular building hours, weekdays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and closed on weekends.

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