2017 Patrons

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Please join us in thanking these 2017 Patrons of the 12th Night Revel

Sonnet Patrons

  • Rosemary Magee 82G and Ron Grapevine
  • Anne 76G and Bill Newton 75C 76G

  • Keith and Ron Schuchard

  • Virginia 77C 82G and Miles Smith

Quatrain Patrons

  • Cooper Carry, Inc.

  • Sue Williams

Couplet Patrons

  • Marifred and Sal Cilella

  • Dave Davis 69MR

  • Mirtha Ferrer and Ralph Chandler

  • Jeannette Guarner 89FM 87MR and Carlos del Rio 88FM 86MR

  • Jane and Kevin Kell 75OX 77C

  • Deborah Marlowe 80C

  • Cheryl 77N and Fred Murphy 77C 81M 86MR

  • Jane and Rein Saral

  • Jane and Wayne Thorpe

  • Kathy 79G and Ron Tomajko

  • Sally West and Daniel Pollock