Media Booking Services for Instructors


Jessica Perlove
Music and Media Library Desk Coordinator

Colin Bragg
Reserves Coordinator

James Steffen
Film Studies & Media Librarian

Using Videos in Class

Emory University Instructors are encouraged to use films and videos from the Heilbrun Music and Media Library collection in their Emory University classes. We recommend booking these items in advance in order to avoid the possibility that the item is already being used by someone else.

Although VHS is an aging format and many classrooms on campus no longer have VHS players installed, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the content you need for your teaching is still usable and accessible.

If your classroom does not have a VHS player installed, you may arrange for VHS playback by placing a request with Classroom Technologies. A two-day notice is recommended, but they will be most flexible during this transition period. Call 404.727.6853 or email

Another option for classroom VHS viewing is the Group Viewing Room in the Music and Media Library. The room can seat up to 20 people and can handle a large variety of media formats. For more information, see Facilities and Computing on this page, or call the Music and Media Library at (404) 727-1777.

For VHS tapes in the library collection, contact your subject librarian to see whether a DVD version is available for purchase by the library, or if there are other options the library can pursue. If you are using personal or departmental tapes, the library can also see whether a DVD is available for purchase to add to the library’s collection.

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS), located on the third floor of the Woodruff Library, may be able to help you create a DVD of clips for teaching purposes. Call 404.727.6886 or email

Booking Videos for a Class

To show videos and DVDs from the library in your class, there are three steps.

1) Reserve a room (unless you are using your regularly scheduled classroom)

* For Weekday reservations: Registrar's office (404) 727-6042
* For Evening & weekend reservations: Meeting Services Office (404) 727-5355
* For Heilbrun Library's Group Viewing Room: (404) 727-1777

2) Arrange for Technical Support

* Contact Classroom Technologies (404) 727-6853

3) Book the video in advance through DiscoverE.

This function enables you to create a booking request for the item (available only for authorized users).

Booking Instructions

Faculty get seven days for all visual media except items on course reserve. Grad students get three days for DVD-LEND titles and three hours for all other media types.

Note: If you choose a range that extends beyond the loan period, the booking will not be placed.

4) Book the video in advance with the Media Booking Form

*If the film you want to book is currently on reserve, you can either fill out a paper form at the Music & Media Library circulation desk or download either the pdf or word document version:

Media Booking Form (PDF)

Media Booking Form (Word)

Please, limit your requests to one item booking per form. Email completed forms to our email at:

Allow at least one business day (M-F) for processing. For same-day or next-day service, or as an alternative to online booking, come in or call us at 404-727-1777 whenever the Heilbrun library is open. We do not accept booking requests via e-mail with less than 48 hours notice.

Booking Library Films for Public Viewing

To book a film, video, or DVD held by the Music and Media Library for a campus film festival or other public event on campus, you will need to obtain permission to show the material. Some items at Music and Media may already have viewing permissions - contact us at 404-727-1777 with questions.


Your booking will be confirmed via e-mail within one business day of receipt. Should you fail to receive a confirmation or notice of unavailability, please call us at (404) 727-1777. You may also call in any cancellations.


We will hold your booked media at the Heilbrun Library for pickup at the service desk on the specified date. If you send an assistant to pick up your material, that person must officially registered as your proxy for library transactions.

Film Rental Service

The library provides film rental services for support of course offerings in Emory College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Showings must take place in White Hall or at other campus locations served by the Classroom Technologies unit of University Technology Services (UTS). Departments wishing to sponsor showings which are not intended for a particular class should make their own rental arrangements. The library’s Media Coordinator will provide information about vendors and procedures, if desired.

Please note that the library can only rent films currently in commercial distribution in the US.

Charges: For each title, the library pays up to $100 of the rental fee. The sponsoring department pays any additional amount.

The rental will be arranged at the public-performance rate whenever the public and/or the Emory community is invited to the showing, in order to comply with copyright law and licensing requirements. The instructor will be informed in advance of the cost. A showing for which the instructor is present and the audience is limited to members of the class qualifies for an educational rate.

No admission fees may be charged, nor donations collected, for any film showing arranged by the library.

Submit a request at least four weeks in advance of the screening date. Please hand deliver the form. You will receive notification of the film’s availability. For further information, contact James Steffen at | 404.727.8107 or Kevin Miller at | 404.727.0924.

Film Rental Request Form

How to Arrange a Rental-Film Showing at Emory

* Reserve a room unless using your regularly-scheduled classroom. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 404-727-6042 for weekday reservations. For evening and weekend showings call the Meeting Services Office at 404-727-5355.

* Arrange for technical support by contacting Classroom Technologies at (404) 727-6853.

* Film Delivery and Projection: A media technician from Classroom Technologies will deliver the film to the classroom, operate the equipment during the screening, and return the film to Heilbrun Library. Instructors may not remove rented films from the classroom.