Creating Effective Research Assignments

We can help you and your students get the most out of your assignment and the research process.

Make Sure Your Students Have the Resources They Need

Completing a research assignment begins with access to the right resources. Work with us to make sure those resources are available when your students need them.

  • Ask your subject librarian to make sure the library has the resources you want your students to use.
  • Ask your subject librarian to create a research guide to get your students to the best resources more quickly.
  • Work with course reserves to make sure all your students have equal access to the same resources.

Help Students Develop the Skills They Need for Success

Subject librarians have extensive domain knowledge. We also have a wealth of experience teaching information literacy and research skills. Let us work with your students to help them succeed.

Work with Us to Design Your Next Research Assignment

Subject librarians have experience designing assignments that teach information literacy and research skills. Let us work with you on the design of your next research assignment. We can help you

  • Develop alternatives to the traditional research paper
  • Develop a grading rubric focused on judging research competency
  • Design an assignment that requires students to check, analyze, and synthesize information
  • Develop anti-plagiarism strategies that help students follow the Emory College’s Honor Code
  • Clarify for students what counts as a scholarly, primary, and secondary source

Contact us to Get Started

We’re always here to help.  Contact your subject librarian to get started.