Instructional Services for Faculty and TAs

We offer several services to support teaching and student learning:

Research Instruction Sessions

Our research instruction sessions give students hands-on practice with library research and information literacy.

We offer one-time or multiple sessions to develop student research skills over time.

Getting the Most from a Research Instruction Session

Students learn best when the session relates to a specific research assignment and

  • You attend the session with them
  • The session includes active learning
  • They know the assignment details before the session
  • The session occurs within 2 to 3 weeks of the assignment due date

Request a research instruction session

Use the request a research instruction session form or contact your subject librarian to request a session.

Research Guides

Research guides are doorways to the research process. They help students identify and use resources more effectively. They can stand-alone or go with a research instruction session.

Request a Research Guide for your Course

Review our list of research guides. We may already have one that suits your need.

To request a new guide, contact your subject librarian.

Research Assignment Design Help

Want help brainstorming assignment ideas?  Wondering what past assignments worked well?  We can help.  We can recommend methods and make sure we have the resources your students need.

Schedule Time to Talk about Your Assignment

Contact your subject librarian to schedule time to talk about your assignment.

Research Consultations

Subject librarians have extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge.  We can help you and your students focus on the resources that matter.  A consultation can augment a research instruction session or stand alone.

Request a Research Consultation

You and your students can use the schedule a research consultation form to schedule a consultation.