Access materials in discoverE

Finding Physical Copies of Materials

If an item is available, be sure to note the library and location. discoverE is the shared catalog for all Emory libraries.  For Woodruff, take a look at our map of the stacks. For information about other Emory libraries, click on the name of the library from the list at the top of this page.

Requesting Materials that are Checked Out, in Storage or at Oxford College Library

First, be sure that you are logged in to discoverE. 
  • If an item shows up as "unavailable" in your search, click on the "Request" button.  The request button will allow you to recall an item from another patron.
  • If the item is in storage, you can request that it be retrieved and brought to one of the libraries. If the item in storage is a journal, you can request a specific article from that journal.
  • Finally if an item is at the Oxford College library, you can request that it be brought to the main campus.

Online Resources

If an item is available electronically, you will see a link for "online resource."  A new window will open with this link, which will lead you to a URL or SFX menu to gain access.