Mac and PC Computers in Woodruff

Woodruff Library Learning Commons is a predominantly Mac computing environment. Our experience is that Mac computers are more reliable and are much easier to manage. This gives us the ability to keep the workstation downtime to the minimum and translates into better quality of our services to our users. In addition, our statistical data shows that 95% application usage in the Learning Commons involves Internet Browsers, PDF readers, and Microsoft Office, which are available on a Mac. Other popular applications – SPSS, MatLab, STATA, R - also do not require Windows OS. A few Windows specific applications, such as ArcGIS and MAXQDA are available on ECDS workstations on Level 3.

Learning Commons computers may be found in the following areas and spaces:

(The current availability of computers on Levels 1-4 is displayed on the large TV monitor accross the Library Service Desk).

Level 1 - 36 iMacs, 4 PCs

Level 2 - 81 iMacs, 5 PCs

Level 4  - 8 iMacs, 27 Mac laptops and 16 PC laptops

Matheson Reading Room - 6 iMacs.