Group Study Rooms

Technology-Equipped Group Study Rooms

Policies for reserving and using group study rooms can be found here.

Rooms 212, 213
Located on Level 2, these rooms are equipped with a PC connected to a SMART Board.

Rooms 656, 664, 665
Located on Level 6, these rooms feature large flat-panel plasma TV screens. They allow for laptop* connectivity.

Rooms 756, 764, 765
Located on Level 7, these rooms also feature large flat-panel plasma TV screens and allow for laptop* connectivity.

*Users can bring their personal laptops or benefit from the library's laptop loan program. Additionally, the Music and Media Service Desk on Level 4 provides various video adapters for Mac laptops for check out.

Other Group Study Rooms

Please see our Places to Study page for more information about the library's additional group and individual study areas and their policies.