Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

The Woodruff Library Learning Commons is equipped with black and white printers and color multifunctional printers (BizHubs) capable of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Scanning and faxing (local) are provided free of charge. The charges for copying and printing are shown below.

Photocopying and printing require an Emory Card with sufficient balance or a Copy Card. Copy Cards can be purchased at the Library Service Desk on Level 2 of Woodruff Library. You can add money to your Emory Card or Copy Card at an Emory Card Deposit machine. There are deposit machines on Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Woodruff Library.

WARNING CONCERNING COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONSThe copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any copyright infringement.



Black & white single-sided: 8¢ per sheet
Black & white double-sided: 12¢ per sheet

Color single-sided: 50¢ per sheet
Color double-sided: 75¢ per sheet

Printer Locations

Level 1: 2 B&W printers, 1 BizHub

Level 2: 4 B&W printers, 3 BizHubs

Level 3: 1 B&W printer, 1 BizHub

Level 4: 1 B&W printer, 1 BizHub  

How to print single- and double-sided from computer workstations:

From a PC:

  • Click the "Properties" button next to the printer’s name in the pop-up window. Select "Finishing", check/uncheck the "Print on Both Sides" option as needed.

From a Mac:

  • When printing from an Internet Browser, check the the “Two-Sided” box to print double-sided (the default setting), or uncheck the box to print single-sided.
  • When printing from a MS Office application or the Acrobat Reader, first select the "Layout" option in the third menu from the top in the pop-up window. Then select the "Two-Sided->Long-edge binding" option to print double-sided (the default setting) or the "Two-Sided->Off" option to print single-sided.

Printing from a Personal Laptop in the Learning Commons:

  • To setup printing from a laptop, please see the instructions here.

Copying and Scanning

Use the Business Hubs (BizHubs) to photocopy and scan.

  • 6 BizHubs are located on Levels 1-4 (see above).
  • All the BizHubs can be used for black & white and color photocopying and scanning.
  • The cost for photocopying is the same as for printing.
  • Scanning is FREE, fast, color-enabled, environment-friendly, and should be used in place of photocopying whenever possible.
  • You can e-mail your scans to yourself directly from the BizHub.  Step-by-step instructions how to do this are posted by each BizHub.
  • Classroom Technologies located on Level 2 also provide scanning services.


  • The middle BizHub on Level 2 of the Learning Commons can send local faxes.
  • If you need to send long distance faxes, please use Emory Document Services located in the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

If you need help contact a Library Service Desk.

Reading, Scanning, and Printing Microfilms and Microfiche

The Woodruff Library features three Minolta SL 1000 and one Scan Pro 2000 microfilm stations for reading, scanning, and editing microfilms and microfiches. Users can print (to any of the Learning Commons printers), e-mail or save the scanned pages to the Desktop or their own media. Those working with full reels of film can auto-scan entire reels to create a PDF copy for personal use. In addition to faster, automated scanning, these stations provide tools to enhance difficult-to-read film. They also have on-screen search features and can convert a microfilm image into a searchable PDF. An older Minolta MS6000 microfilm conversion workstation is also available. All the stations are located on Level 1. 

Users can log into these scanning workstations with their Emory Net ID and password. Visitors can log in using the User ID and password provided in the instruction guide at these workstations.

The Scan Pro 2000 is available during library open hours; however, we ask that during working hours (8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M) patrons sign-up for half-hour to two hour blocks of time on a sign-up sheet next to the machine. After hours, no sign-up is required. The Minolta stations do not require sign-up.