Woodruff Library welcomes all non-Emory visitors. Please sign in at the security desk with a picture ID for library access.

Planning Your Visit

Library Hours

There is no visitor access after 9pm. All visitors must sign in before this time. Please refer to our table of Woodruff Library hours.


The nearest visitor parking is the Fishburne parking deck located off Fishburne Drive behind Woodruff Library. For maps and more information, please visit the Emory Transportation and Parking Services visitor parking page.

Finding Your Way in Woodruff Library

Borrowing Privileges for Visitors

Visitors from ARCHE schools may be eligible for library privileges at Woodruff Library. Members of the public may purchase privileges.

See our Borrowing Privileges page for more information.

Computer Services and Resources

EmoryGuest Wi-Fi Network

EmoryGuest wireless access is provided for visitors of Emory University who have not been granted a Network ID and password for access to the Internet. Users must have an active wireless card that is set up to detect new networks and should select the EmoryGuest network from the list of the available networks.

EmoryGuest wireless network users are automatically logged off after 4 hours and do not have full bandwidth or privileges to Emory users. Also, EmoryGuest does not have access to Emory University's electronic resources that are restricted to Emory University faculty, staff, and students.

Accessing Electronic Resources

To access electronic resources, such as databases, eJournals, etc., please use one of the Express Service workstations on level 2.

Express Service Workstations

There are two Express Service computer workstations on the main floor of the library (Level 2) that do not require a password and are available to visitors. There is a 30 minute time limit on these computers when others are waiting.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Visitors must purchase a guest copy card to print or copy in Woodruff Library.  Cards can be purchased at the Emory Card deposit machine or at the Woodruff Library Service Desk on level 2.

For more information on computing in Woodruff Library, please see our Learning Commons page.