Propose an Event

LITS events are interpretive programs that seek to enhance awareness and build appreciation for collections, resources, and tools. Events should provide opportunities for teaching and learning, campus and community engagement, and student and faculty projects, research, and discussion.

Event Spaces

A list of potential venues for events is included on the proposal form.

Event Proposal Form

To propose an event, submit this proposal form to the Events and Exhibitions Committee. The EvEx Committee will seek input, investigate dates, and review the EvEx criteria before granting approval. If the committee approves the proposal, the event becomes part of the LITS calendar, and it is eligible to use LITS resources for planning, development, and publicity.

We are accepting proposals for events taking place fall (beginning September 1, 2017) and/or spring semester (beginning January 1, 2018).

Contact Us

If you have questions about our events or proposing an event, please contact Maya Cody, Library Interim Events Manager at 404-727-7620 or