Quiet Study

The following are designated Quiet Study areas in Woodruff Library.

Candler Library Lobby and Room 304 - New Quiet Study Areas

Matheson Reading Room, Level 3, across the bridge (Candler Library)

This space offers large wooden tables in a large open area and comfortable chairs/sofas in two alcoves on either end of the room.  The room is not carpeted and has high ceilings, so even the lowest tones echo and travel easily throughout the space.  We ask for the utmost quiet in this area.

Level 3 ECDS Specialized Workstations

This space across from the Emory Center for Digital Scolarship offers individual carrels with computer workstations and large tables.  Loud conversation is discouraged.    

Floors 4,5, & 8 (Stacks Tower)

Adjacent to the elevator lobbies on floors 4 & 5 are small study lounge areas with comfortable seating for quiet study.  Group study that requires conversation is discouraged.  The elevator bells and the coming/going of people in these high traffic areas cause some background noise.

On floors 4, 5, & 8 there are several individual carrels along the walls in the bookstacks area.  Please note that you may not use individual carrels that have an "assigned" sign on them.  These carrels are assigned to specific students and can ONLY be used by them.

Please limit group study that requires conversation to designated group study rooms on other floors.  (See the Group Study tab.)